My guiding principle throughout my years in public service has been to make government better for the people it serves. Providing good government for hard-working taxpayers is my North Star.

If elected County Treasurer

  • I will not write checks that cannot be cashed; I will keep a close watch over public funds and reports to the public will be transparent and straight forward.

  • I will place a high priority on quality customer service for taxpayers; we want our residents to feel heard and respected, and we want them to be boastful and proud of their hometowns in Rock Island County, Illinois.

  • I will establish an Advisory Council to provide a diversity of views on local issues affecting the finances of both the County and its residents.

  • I will continue the reputation of excellence & honesty instilled in the office by retiring Treasurer Louisa Ewert and her predecessors.

  • I will lead by example as a servant-leader, where I exist to serve the needs of the people, not the other way around.