Nick's Story

All my life I have been in leadership positions and constantly learned and trained how to be a better leader. I have held numerous elected positions that required my peers to put much faith and trust in me. I never failed them, whether it was looking out for student interest on the Rock Island School Board as a three-term representative, spreading awareness about Student Government to an entire college campus as an elected Augustana Senator, or rallying people to a common cause like Tsunami Relief in 2005, or encouraging participation in elections and government as a devoted citizen. In all my services to the people, I have always believed in goodwill, responsibility, and taking action to accomplish for the good of the many. When I was in third grade, I remember watching Bill Clinton get re-elected and being inspired to follow public service. Ever since then, my life has been centered on an idea of bettering our community through involvement, standing up for what is right, and never letting anyone down when I said I would do something or make a change. Because of my convictions and the empowerment I brought to them, my peers constantly renewed our partnership. I believe in government and political work because they contain the framework to bring many different people together to plot out a common course, because we can solve the toughest problems only when people come together and unite.
Through my experiences, I have come across many people who are not as fortunate as I am, and I have resolved to dedicate my fortunate life to making sure that everyone gets a fair shake. The troubles and setbacks I’ve experienced are nothing compared to the struggles of the hungry I’ve served at meal sites, the at-risk students I’ve tutored, and the people I meet everyday who wonder if they’re going to be able to make it to the next week with only $20. 

In winter of 2008, on the heals of huge Democratic successes in November 2008, I was encouraged by Democratic Party leaders to put my beliefs in action once again as a candidate for Clerk of South Rock Island Township. On January 13, 2009, I was nominated by acclamation to be the Democrats' candidate for Clerk in the April 2009 election. That campaign taught me so much, like the importance of making sure people have the means to be involved in their government. I ran as the candidate who would bring transparency and accessible information to the public and involve new people so they can be confident in government instead of sitting on the sidelines being cynics. And as a great testament to how hard I worked in the campaign and all the people who shared my convictions, I became the most successful Democrat to ever seek that office. Four years earlier, the Democratic nominee for Clerk lost to the Republican by more than 10 percentage points. In 2009, my supporters and I closed the gap to just 2 percentage points, 49% to 51%.

Because so many people supported me, encouraged me, shared my beliefs, and stood up for me, I knew then that it was now my obligation to always stand up for them. During the Primary Election season, I was the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who walked and met residents in every single neighborhood in District 15. I proved my dedication to winning through my hard work and determination, and the voters were overwhelmingly supportive of my efforts. Rest assured, as your County Board member, I am still working hard with great passion for serving you and our District.

Appointed to the County Board on July 20, 2010, some three- and half-months before the General Election, I renewed my commitment to representing the ordinary citizens and not the special interest. I became the interim Member of the County Board as a result of Ted Davies' early retirement, with unanimous and bi-partisan support. Now on the County Board, I will fight for the Camlin Five Point Plan (including jobs, education, civic involvement, transparency and unity) that I ran on in February. I was able to win over Democrats with my plan and vision for the future, and now I am confident that I will win over independent voters who share my beliefs and causes and just want the new generation of public service that I represent. I also believe I will earn a significant amount of like-minded Republicans who simply want a representative who is open, honest, and accessible.