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posted Jul 6, 2012, 10:07 AM by Nick Camlin   [ updated Jul 6, 2012, 11:58 PM ]
    It has become abundantly clear that our County has come to a crossroads with our 19th century buildings, and patches and bandaids will no longer do; something major must be done to ensure safety, efficiency, and cooperative functions for our County residents who use the Courthouse and County Office Building everyday for important services.

    Now that the Consolidation Review Commission has finished its work and submitted their report to the County Board, we can all begin to start thinking about the way we move forward.

    The Commission report is available for download below, and is filled with data pertaining to needed square feet, maintenance and energy savings, as well as proposals for various sites. Included in the report is an analysis of the cost of 1) doing nothing, 2) remodeling existing buildings, 3) constructing new buildings, and 4) relocating offices to QCIC.

    Also listed below for download are various newspaper articles that have been published throughout the year on the topic of County buildings and proposals to move.

    It is my hope that by compiling this information in one place, along with an online forum, that we can all come together, explore ideas, and let competition and cost-effectiveness drive the discussion, so that in the end taxpayers get the best product.

    I believe the ideal outcome is one that preserves the County's presence in Rock Island's downtown area, honors our commitment to carrying out justice and vital services, and saves taxpayer money. But I am open to hearing and considering all ideas-- I owe that to you as a public servant.

Consolidation Review Commission

Articles from the Quad City Times

Articles from the Rock Island Argus

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