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QUESTION BOX: "What would you like to change about County government?"

posted Oct 21, 2012, 10:23 AM by Nick Camlin
In the last issue of the Public Servant newsletter, I published a question from Paul of Moline: "What would you like to change about County government?"

There is a lot that we can do to change County governement to make it smarter, more efficient and productive, but change is a slow process and requires deep thought and steady leadership. The goal is to change County government in meaningful ways, not superficial and political ways.

Here is the answer I gave in the newsletter to Paul's question:
"I would like to see our County be more proactive in local economic development. We need to help businesses expand and also help attract new businesses with good wages so that we can fund projects of interest to us all. To that end, I propose the establishment of a new standing committee—the Committee on Economic Development, which would include elected board members, business leaders, and other professionals. This new committee would be charged with recommending policies for fostering growth."

I also talked about this concept in last week's newspaper interview as well as on the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce candidate survey. You can view the survey by clicking here.
As always, I appreciate hearing any and all thoughts on how we can improve this County, and you can share you ideas with me by clicking here.