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posted May 31, 2012, 8:39 PM by Nick Camlin
    In the last issue of the ‘Public Servant’ newsletter, which was delivered last week, Sue from Moline asked, “What is the compensation of County Board members?

    Since the printing and delivery of the newsletter, that answer now has an update to it. Presently, County Board members are paid an annual salary of $6,000. That is roughly $1.00 per citizen per year (County Board members each represent about 6,000 residents). 

    However, at the May County Board meeting we changed the pay structure for the next Fiscal Year, beginning December 1. The new pay structure is a hybrid, made up of a smaller annual salary and a per diem. 

    This new structure will ensure that County Board members only get paid for meetings they attend, following the simple principle of ‘no show, no pay’. Members will be paid $100 for County Board meetings (up to 36 per year), as well as a reduced salary of $2,400. 

    This is a pay structure that I have advocated for on several occasions because I believe County Board members should lead by example in these tough times.