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posted Aug 6, 2013, 10:00 PM by Nick Camlin
Terri from Rock Island asks: 
"Do County Board members have to live in their Districts?"

Yes. Before anyone runs for County Board, they have to be registered voters at an address in the District they seek to represent. If a County Board member should ever move out of the District while they're still serving on the County Board, then he/she automatically resigns the seat and someone who lives in the District can be appointed.
Not only do I live in County Board District 15, but I also work in the District at Washington Junior High School, and I do my banking, insurance, and lots of other shopping with retailers in the District. It's a great neighborhood with good homes, schools, and businesses.
I don't live any farther than 1.76 miles from any one I represent on the County Board... that's keeping it local!