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posted Apr 3, 2011, 1:07 PM by Nick Camlin

County government business is open to the public and the notion that we somehow conduct our business in a backroom is simply false. According to the Open Meetings Act, not only must business of the County be done in the open (accessible to the public), but that business must be published on an agenda at least 48-hours prior to the meeting, ensuring that business can’t be slipped in at the last minute. I encourage citizens of District 15 to attend a meeting or two of the County Board to learn and see firsthand our system of government; citizens have every right to scrutinize their government. If you wish to speak at any of the meetings on a topic from the agenda, please call the County Board office at 309-558-3605, at least 48-hours before the scheduled meeting.


County Board April Schedule

4/8: Forest Preserve Committee, 3:00 pm.
4/11: Committee on Governmental Affairs, 10:00 am (to coincide with Student Government Day); Committee on Health & Human Services, 2:30 pm.
4/12: Committee on Administration, 3:00 pm.
4/13: Committee on Public Works, 3:00 pm.
*4/14: Committee on Human Resources, 4:00 pm.
*4/15: Committee on Finance, 1:00 pm.
4/18: Executive Committee, 3:00 pm.
4/13: County Board, 5:30 pm in the Third Floor Chambers of the County Office Building.
*4/25: Special Committee on Reapportionment, 5:30 pm.

All meetings are in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of the County Office Building (1504 3 Ave, Rock Island), unless otherwise noted.
* = Nick Camlin's committee assignments.

Please click here for a full schedule and agendas.