Serving the County

Governing our County

    Our County government is overseen by the 25-member County Board. Members of the County Board are elected to rotating 2- and 4-year terms from Districts that they live in. The County Board has oversight of how the County’s tax money is budgeted and distributed to the various departments of the County. For example, the Sheriff’s Department puts in a request for a budget and the County Board has the authority to grant or adjust that request. After that, it is the responsibility of the Sheriff to use the funds appropriately for salaries, equipment, training and other costs associated with the operation of the department.

    The County Board exercises its authority using a committee structure. After reforms implemented in 2016, eight committees were reduced to four to streamline the workload. Committees of the County Board include:

  • Public Works and Facilities Committee
  • Governance, Health, and Administration Committee
  • Finance and Personnel Committee
  • Committee-of-the-Whole

    After the 2020 Census, County Board membership will be cut to 15 using single-member districts of equal representation.

What does the County do?

    For us who live in the city, County services may not be obvious, but the County administers all elections, keeps official life and property records, operates all local court and justice systems, maintains highways and bridges in unincorporated areas, provides vulnerable seniors with an affordable nursing home, runs Niabi Zoo for family fun, takes the lead on area emergency management and Homeland Security, and is an engine for economic growth for our entire region.

My Service on the County Board

    Specifically, in addition to the full County Board, I am Chairman of the Committee-of-the-Whole, which serves as an important step in informing members and the public about the work of the County. Formerly, I served four years as the Chairman of the Human Resources Committee, which was charged with oversight of salaries, hiring, negotiations, insurance, and workers’ compensation. 

    The County Board is routinely faced with items of consequence, for example the proposal to move the County offices, and you can count on me to give all decisions the thoughtful deliberation they deserve. As an advocate for our hard working families, I am a thoughtful steward of our resources, with a goal of maintaining quality services.

Our District

Click image for bigger map.

    I represent District 15 on the Rock Island County Board, which is composed of five voter precincts in Rock Island and one in Moline. Our District has nearly 6,000 citizens and about 4,300 registered voters. We have diverse businesses, homes, and neighborhoods. Many families choose to live here because of the closeness to their jobs, schools and great area businesses, like Aldi, Subway, Advance Auto Parts, Quad City Barbers, Katy’s Import Food, and many others. There are several schools within our District, including Hamilton, Denkmann, and Washington Jr. High. I am proud to work constantly to make District 15 even better.