About District 15

Since the 1970s, District 15 was represented by Ted Davies, a model citizen. In the summer of 2009, Mr. Davies, announced he would not seek re-election and would give up his post as President of the Forest Preserve District. After the 2010 Primary in February, Mr. Davies moved out of District 15 and retired early from the County Board. On July 20, 2010, Nick Camlin was appointed with unanimous and bi-partisan support to fill the vacancy created by Mr. Davies' retirement. Nick has been working very hard for the District, voting for a balanced budget, closely inspecting all county expenses, and being active in the development in the new budget.

Nick Camlin will carry on Ted's legacy of honesty, integrity and bold leadership, and he has added a whole new level of public service. Nick is a voice for all the District 15 constituents and residents of Rock Island County. He is open and accessible as a County Board member and  strongly believes in transparency and accountability. In these trying times, we need someone who is thoughtful, energetic and intelligent to stand up for us. Nick will usher in a new era of public service that builds on the great achievements of the past and focuses on the future for District 15 and Rock Island County.

What is District 15?
District 15 is composed of 6 voter precincts in Rock Island County: Moline 5, Rock Island 13, South Rock Island 7, 8, 9, and 10. There are approximately 4,500 registered voters in District 15. It is the second largest (in terms of voter registration) in the County of Rock Island.

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